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Dear, Brother

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Akad Nikah Mas Koko

Just yesterday it seems
We were fighting while we played
Just yesterday it seems
You were taking me looked around our village by your bicycle
Just yesterday it seems
You were accompanying me when there was a new student enrollment

Yesterday is gone, now
Today is finally here
As I watch you are standing there,
I'm shedding a million tears.

I know that she will be good to you
But still, it makes me cry
I'll never forgot our talks
On you I'll still rely

Now , you're hers, that's alright
And also forever you'll always be my brother
I'm wishing that you always be happy
And Allah always bless your new little family
Barakallahu lakuma wa baraka alaik...
Thanks Allah for everything ❤

-Malang, 10th of October 2015-

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